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Honey - La Miellerie Ludique

Honey - La Miellerie Ludique

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Sourced from the picturesque Laurentians region of Quebec, this honey embodies the rich floral diversity and pristine landscapes of this beautiful area. Carefully cultivated and harvested by an experienced beekeeper from Val David, renowned for their dedication to sustainable practices, this golden nectar brings the essence of the local flora straight to your table.

What makes this honey truly special is its origin – the very same beekeeper who shared their bees to aid in the pollination process on our berry farm. This unique collaboration between our farm and the beekeeper has resulted in a pure, high-quality honey that captures the essence of the region's diverse blooms, from wildflowers to blueberry blossoms.

Each jar of this Laurentians Honey is a testament to the harmony between nature, responsible beekeeping, and the passion for preserving the authenticity of the land. Delight your taste buds with this natural sweetener, perfect for adding a touch of local flavor to your favorite dishes, teas, or simply enjoyed by the spoonful. Experience the pure essence of Quebec's Laurentians in every delicious drop!

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